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Here at Hickory Ridge Goldens we seek to raise dogs that are the most desirable of companions. All of our pups have champion bloodlines and more importantly are dearly loved. Our dogs are bred to have the very best health, temperament and pedigree. Each puppy is valued and loved from the moment of birth. If you are looking to provide a forever home for a Golden Retriever, we look forward to hearing from you. 


Hi, I'm Elizabeth. I adore Golden Retrievers and love sending home puppy love!
Goldens are the best companions for individuals of all ages.
  My family and I live in rural Missouri,
where our lives revolve around family, work, church, community service,
and raising champion bloodline Golden Retrievers.

We are located in Missouri. Our acreage borders a state wildlife area, not far from Columbia, Missouri.
We couldn't ask for a better place to raise a family and to raise puppies.
When we say we live out in the country, we really mean it! 

We operate a state licensed and inspected kennel. Our facility is climate-controlled,
and provides our sweet dogs indoor areas for eating and sleeping, as well as access
to spacious outdoor areas for exercise and play. 

We live in the country because people and animals alike, need room to live a better life!
We are against dogs being crammed into small cages with little exercise or care. 
Our dogs have room to exercise or curl up, night or day.
We also enjoy offering  them adventures down to the pond, or walks on nearby trails.  





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