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We all want our Goldens to have a healthy, happy and long life. They aren't just our pets; they're part of our families. They are counting on us to provide for them the best of care. What follows is what we have discovered based on experience and research. We are always learning and growing in our care for dogs and encourage you to do the same. Always follow the health advice of your veterinarian and whenever in doubt as to whether you should ask your vet, please do so immediately. 

WEEK 1     Mom Nurses
WEEK 2    Mom Nurses, Deworming 
WEEK 3    Mom Nurses
WEEK 4    Mom Nurses, Deworming, Introduce Puppy Food mixed with milk supplement
WEEK 5    Mom Nurses, Puppy Food mixed with milk supplement
WEEK 6    Mom Nurses, Puppy Food mixed with milk supplement, Deworm, Canine Spectra 5

WEEK 7     Almost Weaned, Hard Puppy Food 
WEEK 8    Hard Puppy Food, Deworm, Fleas, Nuheart, Vet Test
WEEK 9    Puppy Food, Canine Spectra 9

WEEK 10  Puppy Food, Deworm
WEEK 11    Puppy Food
WEEK 12   Puppy Food, Canine Spectra 9, Deworm
WEEK 13   Puppy Food
WEEK 14   Puppy Food, Deworm
WEEK 16   Puppy Food, Canine Spectra 9, Deworm, Rabies 
BEYOND  Puppy food until 6 months. Adult food after 6 months old. Monthly Heartworm, Deworm,

Ticks & Fleas, Bath, Ears & Nails, Yearly Immunization.

 We strongly believe in vaccinating puppies. It is critical you continue with the vaccination schedule.

Fatal diseases like Parvo can attack your puppy without warning.


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