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Magic Moment The Best of Me

Aspen is energetic, athletic, and obedient. She loves attention and is affectionate.

 She is intelligent and learns quickly.


She is out of excellent breeding lines. Her Sire is our own Winston and her Dam was our Violet. Between her two parents she has 5 Winners of the World Dog Show in her 5-generation pedigree. Also on her Sire's side she is a direct descendant of the famous International Champion Ashbury Angel Heart. And on her Dam's side is the remarkable Romanian Champion Tramin Vienna Waltz.

Aspen loves to run and play. She passes her zest and health on to her puppies.

Aspen has great health clearances and her puppies are oh so sweet. 

Health Clearances:

PennHIP: .32/.35 (Lower numbers are considered better. .53 is the breed average.)

Eyes - Clear

Heart - Clear

PRA1 - Clear by Parentage

PRA2 - Clear by Parentage

ICT - Not Affected

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