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National and International Champion Lake Country Crystal

Crystal is an awesome girl. She is very intelligent. She is very obedient and friendly. She is great with kids. She loves to be with other dogs. She loves to walk and run. She would be the first to fetch or chaise a squirrel.

Crystal Neptune is a Champion. She is very good on a leash. She follows commands very well. She is a great mom constantly attending to her pups. She enjoys when kids are around her and her pups.

Chrystal has great health clearances and her puppies are sweet and healthy. 

Every Sire and Dam in her 3 generation pedigree was a Champion. Chrystal's sire was the most titled English Hickory Golden Champion in the United States with 18 championships. On her mother's side she is descended from top Australian champions. Also, she has the 2000 World Dog Show winner in her pedigree.

She passed all her health tests and her hip score is in the top 10% for the breed.

Health Clearances:

PennHIP: .35/.39

Eyes - Clear

Heart - Clear

ICT - Clear

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